Sitting with my head in my hands
Outside on the steps of my home
You can’t take those moments back
So hold on and never let go
Yesterday when the wax was burning
We tried to stay awake but we kept drifting off


I love listening to this record. I love every song. I feel i can relate to every song and feel the same way. Under soil and dirt - The story so far (Taken with instagram)

Perfect day to listen to transit’s album listen &amp; forgive

I don’t know where I’ve been for these past few months
I can’t believe that I got this low
I’ve been preaching ‘keep your head up kid’
When all along I’ve had mine buried in the sand

I’ll be home before you know it, Sleeping on your bedroom floor and, I cant think of anywhere in the world i rather be, Then right here with you.

God I love this song <3

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after a long day of work, I love coming home to have stuff on my door step to make my day a lot better :) (Taken with instagram)